“I am loving Colleen Carver’s Yoga for Arthritis class. Colleen believes in a gentle approach and encourages us to be mindful at all times of only doing what feels comfortable for each person. This class has made a big difference to how I feel both physically and mentally.” ~ Jill, June 2011

“I have Osteoarthritis and decided to join Colleen’s class ‘Yoga for Arthritis’ to see if there were any benefits to my health. I have found the yoga exercises complimentary to my physiotheraphy exercises, and feel that they do help with my flexibility and overall muscle strength. When we are exercising Colleen encourages us to move only as far as is comfortable, so everyone makes individual movements. The Yoga lessons also offer methods for focusing on relaxation and breathing which leaves you feeling revitalised at the end of each session. Yoga is fun to do, and yes it does help with Arthritis.” ~ Glenys

“I hadn’t been to yoga for about 3 years when I first went to Colleen’s ‘Pregnency Yoga’ class. I started with her when I was 22 weeks pregnant and finished at 37 weeks. Baby came the following week! What I really liked about the class and Colleen’s teaching is that she focusses on creating a no pressure atmosphere, encourages you to listen to your body and work within your own limits. I found the class really informative as it helped me become more mindful of my posture and my breathing which really benefited me during my pregnancy. Going to class was something that I looked forward to every week and it was a lovely break from the hard work of being pregnant. Now that I have had my baby I am attending Colleen’s ‘General’ class. Again her style remains the same, and I have always appreciated that I can have a laugh about not quite getting into a pose rather than feel embarrassed about that. In the past I felt really self-conscious going to yoga classes but at Colleens classes I have felt comfortable, able to ask questions and I continue to look forward to going every week. Colleen is lovely and she makes you work and I can certainly feel my body afterwards! If you are looking for a yoga class where you can be yourself, feel comfortable and get a great workout I can’t say enough about Colleen as a teacher – I would encourage anyone who is thinking of starting up or coming back to try yoga again to come along. If you look at her website you can get a sense of how she views yoga and teaching. ” ~ Vanessa Osborn.

I have been attending a private yoga session with Colleen for 2 years.It has been the best personal development that I have done. My yoga sessions are all about – how does the body feel today, what area needs attention.Colleen genuinely cares about her students’ wellbeing, and is very focussed on sharing her knowledge.Colleen’s approach is for her students to listen to their bodies, for us to let go of the ego’s we all have, ground ourselves and breathe! My body and mind have benefitted immensely from the regular practise. I always look forward to my weekly session with Colleen.I have particularly enjoyed the restorative yoga practise and the relaxation at the end of each class – it is divine. I highly recommend Colleen as a yoga instructor.Anyone thinking about practising yoga, I encourage you to attend one of Colleen’s classes or have a private yoga session; your body and mind will benefit. Colleen periodically offers a 2.5 hour Relaxation Course – it’s a truly wonderful workshop that leaves you revitalised and calm. Thank you Colleen, for guiding and sharing your knowledge. – Maureen

Hi Colleen, Just a quick note to say Thank you again for my home Yoga programme which you made up for me.  I’m really enjoying doing the program at home and have remembered all the moves Thank you once again. ~ Steph