Yoga session descriptions

General Yoga – Flexibilities, Strengthening poses, flow yoga sequences, meditations, Pranayama (breathing) Relaxations. Focus is on practicing with mindfulness.

Gentle Yoga – Flexibilities & Joint freeing movements to enhance the blood flow to the joints and entire body make this class most suitable for those wanting to manage Arthritis and other health challenges. Focus on breathing & relaxation. Very gentle yoga with powerful results.

Restorative Yoga – If you want to reduce stress and totally relax then this class is for you. You will leave feeling nourished and relaxed. Enjoy the peace and stillness. The class will end with a Yoga Nidra practice. Bliss!

Pregnancy Yoga – You will learn valuable information on how to care for your beautifully changing body, your mind and your spirit. We practise breathing techniques, Asana (postures) joint flexibilities and modified yoga postures. During pregnancy the joints are under pressure from increased weight gain and practising joint flexibilities can help improve lymph flow and release muscular tension. Vocal toning is a wonderful method in which to use your voice to your advantage, especially during labour. Meditation techniqes to calm and relieve anxiety and Relaxation to allow your whole body and mind to totally relax. Practising yoga during pregnancy, can relieve tension around the pelvic region, ease back pain, cramps, and swollen legs. It can relieve both physical and mental tension, reduce morning sickness and mood swings. In class you are always encouraged to be guided by your intuition and comfort. (Currently available as private sessions only)

It is advisable to seek advice from your healthcare professional before starting yoga class.

Total Relaxation YogaA slow, meditative yoga class that allows you to totally relax. Includes, flexibilities, restorative yoga poses, Pranayama, meditation & relaxation. Reduce stress, achieve calmness, peace of mind and deep relaxation. Come along on a journey into discovering how you can still the body, calm the busy mind & rest gently in the present moment. Experience the peace that lies within you and enjoy increased health and well being. Usually offered as a 2 1/2 hour group session or private.

Meditation – Group meditation where beginners & experienced meditators practice sitting & walking meditation and have readings & discussion. Practising group Meditation can encourage you to commit to a home practice. Many of us have difficulty staying committed to our meditation practice at home but when we practice in a group regularly we are more likely to stay committed to our own practice. It can be inspiring to connect with others who are supportive and to share experiences.  Meditating with others can enhance our own spiritual growth and that of others when the energy of mindfulness flows freely.